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Top-notch exhaust work

Shaffers Auto Service provides top-notch exhaust services for various exhaust types. Get a lifetime warranty for a stainless steel exhaust or we can work with your original exhaust, which will cost less than stainless steel. Another budget-friendly option is regular steel. Come and see what we can do for your exhaust today!

Your exhaust options

  • Stainless steel exhaust

  • Original exhaust

  • Regular steel exhaust

  • Custom dual exhaust

  • Custom dual exhaust up to 6" in diameter

Ensure that your vehicle is ready for the road with your annual inspections. Shaffers Auto Service performs state inspections and can make any repairs deemed necessary.

Exhaust work for any vehicle size

  • Cars

  • Trucks

  • Diesel trucks

  • Small imports

  • Class A motorhomes

Stainless steel exhaust available

Our towing services are available 24 hours a day.

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